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Blackburn Business Against Crime helps fund CCTV hub

27 May 2017

Blackburn Business Against Crime has made a £1,000 contribution to help with funding for the new CCTV hub in Blackburn, which will serve a number of towns in East Lancashire. The new equipment will allow CCTV to communicate with both the day-time retail and the evening economy radio networks operated by the partnership.


Peter Wareing, CCTV manager said, ‘Following a successful bid to the Department of Communities and Local Government, with further funding from the Police Innovation Fund and Lancashire Police and Crime Commissioner, a CCTV hub has been created in Blackburn  allowing for the monitoring of approximately 250 public space CCTV cameras across East Lancashire, The control room is staffed by operators from Burnley, Preston and Blackburn CCTV control rooms, allowing for staff to be even more aware of travelling criminals across our area.


‘As part of the build, shop and pubwatch radios, together with police tetra radios have been installed in the hub, allowing for fast communication across the area and allowing CCTV operators to be involved in ongoing incidents from the first call.  Blackburn Business Against Crime has helped with the funding for the shopwatch radio installation, a move that adds to the partnership approach to tackling crime and anti-social behaviour across East Lancashire.’


Ronnie O’Keefe, crime manager for Blackburn Business Against Crime said, ‘CCTV is an essential tool in helping to monitor crime and anti-social behaviour in Blackburn and surrounding towns.  It provides us with intelligence about local and travelling criminals and allows us to help our businesses avoid becoming victims of crime.  It also provides considerable additional operational  intelligence to police, which helps them to detect crime, and helps to make Blackburn a safe place for visitors and shoppers.’

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