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Partnerships Against Crime in Staffordshire (PABCIS) joins NABCP

12 May 2017

PABCIS is a long standing strategic partnership of BCRPs, shop and pubwatch schemes in Staffordshire, all of whom are working together to identify offenders and manage them appropriately through an intelligence led approach to dealing with business crime.


Business partners supported by Staffordshire Police some years ago collectively identified the benefits of a productive, effective, well managed and legally compliant BCRP and so PABCIS was set up to provide exactly that, enabling businesses to have confidence in the level of service from their respective local partnerships across the county.   Each of the local partnerships is funded locally, and managed locally by a business crime manager with overarching governance around each of them being provided through PABCIS.  This creates a level of consistency across the county giving confidence to the members, the local partnerships, the police and all other agencies and partners. 


 PABCIS, funded partly through the policing and crime commissioner’s officer and the business community,  is an integral part of the Staffordshire business crime agenda.  It also mentors and supports local crime managers enabling them to manage their local members’ data, and providing effective tools to help to manage crime.  Whilst maintaining a local intelligence system, partnerships operating across a 24 hour economy also feed their intelligence into a central hub which PABCIS can then package, manage and share appropriately.   


Julie Davies, PABCIS crime manager said, ‘We are  pleased to become part of the NABCP and looks forward to working collectively with all of those involved operationally and strategically  in helping to deliver a strong national partnership to represent the interests of business crime reduction partnerships.’

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